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FOCUS-IT Shockwave Company – Customer Care

Why buy your veterinary ESWT shockwave unit from FOCUS-IT, LLC?  Because we don’t just sell FOCUST-IT shock wave units, we offer exceptional client service, assistance, accessories, repair, maintenance, parts, technical support, a great warranty and well-trained, helpful staff.  We truly support our clients before, during and after their purchase or lease.

FOCUS-IT Shockwave Products and Equipment

Committed to distributing high quality, robust and reliable FOCUST-IT Shockwave Products for the veterinary industry, FOCUS-IT provides reliability that extends beyond our ESWT products, with after-sale client care and technical support provided by people experienced in medical products.

What You Can Expect From FOCUS-IT Client Care?

All FOCUS-IT Shockwave products are backed by:

  • Client-focused assistance with equipment acquisition including purchase, lease and financing
  • Training with every FOCUS-IT shockwave system sold
  • Technical support and 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Proactive preventive maintenance service to keep your FOCUS-IT shockwave equipment running and at peak performance
  • Upgrades
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • Exceptional warranty on new equipment: 24 months or 1 million pulses.
  • Knowledgeable FOCUS-IT shockwave staff

FOCUST-IT Shockwave Equipment Acquisition Process

Before leasing or selling any FOCUS-IT shockwave equipment or products, we take the time to learn about your veterinary practice, budget parameters, down payment capabilities, timelines, etc. Then, your FOCUS-IT representative will help you determine which of these is the best option for you:

  • Purchasing a FOCUS-IT shockwave unit outright
  • Purchasing FOCUS IT shockwave equipment via a payment plan
  • Purchasing a pre-owned veterinary ESWT unit at a substantial discount
  • Trade-In of an older unit
  • Leasing a FOCUS-IT shockwave unit
  • Lease with option to buy
  • 30 day trial for FOCUST-IT shockwave equipment
  • Onsite demonstration of FOCUS-IT Shockwave equipment (within the continental U.S.)

Please contact us for more information on any option by email or by phone: 1-770-621-8245

Training – We provide training for every FOCUS-IT shockwave unit.  Depending on the unit and the intended uses, training can be in-person, online or by phone. We are happy to train staff and techs along with the veterinarian.

Technical Support – Call us any time — including after hours — with any questions about FOCUS-IT shockwave equipment or parts at no charge.

Repairs & Maintenance – Clients appreciate our ability to help them with any problems. All equipment is warranted so major repairs are covered.  If out of warranty, reasonable parts and labor charges are assessed.  Download Service Request Form

Parts and Accessories –  Check our Accessories page for radial transmitter tips for different uses (ligament, tendon, muscle), carrying cases (including soft and hard cases) hand piece service kits, etc.

Warranties – A new FOCUS-IT shockwave unit comes with a 24-month and 1 million pulse warranty, excluding any physical damage, abuse, mechanical impact and consumables.

Client Support – Our client support includes training, repairs and maintenance, supplies and accessories, and after-hours phone assistance and technical support on all FOCUS-IT shockwave equipment.  Client satisfaction is our top priority and has been since our founding in 2000.  We understand the importance of being there for our clients, whether it’s a simple question, or a need for technical services.

Our pledge is to provide you unparalleled client service, whenever you need us, and to minimize any downtime associated with a service event.

For more information about our veterinary equipment shockwave products and services, contact us:

Support & Service Department
Tel: +1-770-612-8245
Email: service at eswt dot net

Service Request Form FOCUS-IT



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