for MASTERPULS series

Shockwave Transmitter Tips:

A6: Acupressure Transmitter
Acupressure Shockwave Tip used to activate and deactivate acupressure points along the body meridians.

C15: CERAma-x Transmitter
with an acoustic impedance closer to bodies tissue impedance for optimal shock wave transmission (made of special ceramic composition).


R15: Standard Transmitter
used for all common (standard / classic) ESWT applications.



DI15: Gold Titanium Deep Impact Transmitter
Beam the Energy (concentrate it) on the pain zone by special ellipsoid shape and material higher energy volume with deeper penetration depth is archived.


F15: Focus-Lens Transmitter
Focal point very close to surface for close-to-surface soft tissue applications.


D20-T: T Gold Titanium D-ACTOR 20 Transmitter
The new moving/oscillating transmitter generation for coverage of large application areas (muscles, tendons) and better diagnose of muscles triggers. Trigger points are eliminated “Localize & Deactivate.” Also used for massage vibration therapy of small muscle regions.


Shockwave Contact Gel: Used for optimized coupling and transmission of shockwaves into the tissue. Air bubble-free consistency, clear (bottle a’ 850ml).

Filter replacement set for ENERGY I and/or II compressor
Air tube to connect ENERGY I or II compressor with MP100, MP200 & DUOLITH control unit. Length approx. 3ft. or 10ft.

Transportation Case for MP50, MP100, or MP200 Control Unit (with Handle & Wheels, gray): For mobile use for multiple treatment locations, floors, or treatment rooms; and/or protective storage.

Case for Radial Hand Piece (black): great for transportation and/or protective storage.

Equipment Cart MASTERPULS: Easy portability within facility between treatment rooms.

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