The Most Economical Radial Shock Wave Therapy System On The Market


The STORZ MASTERPULS 50 veterinary shock wave therapy machine (commonly known as the MP50) is the ideal ESWT equipment for equine use.  Lightweight and easily portable, the MASTERPULS 50 can be taken to the patient, rather than the horse having to be transported to the vet.

New developments and research in shock wave technology and its many Uses and Applications and Benefits have led to the creation of the more affordable and more portable MP50 ELITE shockwave device. The price and portability of the MP50 translates to an excellent Return on Investment for an equine veterinary practice.

This MASTERPULS model uses radial technology and offers a pulse intensity up to 4 bar.  The MP50 consists of a control unit with built-in compressor, lightweight hand-held applicator hand piece that can be fitted with different shock transmitter tips depending on the area and size of the tissue to be treated.  The MP50 offers a quick and simple set-up that makes this extremely user-friendly unit operational in minutes. The MASTERPULS 50 ELITE offers a wide range of features and an impressive range of benefits.

Features of the MP50 ELITE ESWT Radial Shockwave Machine

Key features of the MASTERPULS 50 ELITE include:

  • Compact size: This MASTERPULS unit measures 13″x13″x6″
  • Lightweight and portable: at only 20 lbs the MASTERPULS 50 is ideal for mobile use
  • Control unit with built-in air compressor
  • Control via LED display
  • The MP50 has an energy level control knob for extended pressure/frequency range: 8 Hz / 4.0 bar, 11 Hz / 3.4 bar, 15 Hz / 2.8 bar
  • Over 1 Million shocks per R-SW hand piece revision
  • The MASTERPULS 50 ELITE includes a transportation case or shoulder bag
  • Battery-powered option
  • Optional: D-ACTOR® Technology transmitter tip for myofascial syndrome and trigger point treatments

 I use the MP50 to treat injuries associated with front and hind limb suspensory ligaments.  I have also used it to treat splint bone fractures, tendon injuries and other musculoskeletal issues including those of the back and neck.  I have been extremely satisfied with the results . . . .  The MP50 is compact and light and the setup and use is quite easy. Patients experience less discomfort with the MP50 than other types of shock wave machines and little to no sedation is required.

An important feature of the MP-50 is economy of use. . . . which has  a positive effect on my treatment latitude.  I am free to choose the quantity of cycles per treatment . . .  without worrying about the cost to the client.

Jack Shuler, DVM – Chapel Hill Equine Associates – Chapel Hill, NC

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 MP50 ELITE Radial Shockwave (R-SW) Specifications:

  • Therapeutic penetration depth depending on transmitter tip: 0 – 60 mm
  • Shock frequency: 1 –15 Hz / pps (pulses per second)
  • MASTERPULS 50 Pulse intensity: 1-4 bar adjustable
  • Pulse peak pressure: max. 11 MPa
  • Applicator hand piece weight: 0.98lb (455g)
  • Large coupling area without energy loss
  • Trigger On/Off button on applicator hand piece
  • MASTERPULS MP 50 ELITE shock wave generation: radial / ballistic
  • Over 1 Million shocks per hand piece with easy overhaul by customer

Click Here for MASTERPULS MP50 ELITE – Full Brochure

 The benefits of the MP50 MASTERPULS 50 ELITE include

  • Simple set up and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The MASTERPULS 50 offers quick treatment sessions at an affordable cost
  • Excellent patient results
  • Minimal operating expense
  • High ROI
  • Extremely affordable
  • Battery-powered option


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