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Rochester Equine was among the first private equine practices to incorporate shock wave therapy into their sports medicine department. Very early it was clear that shockwave would revolutionise how certain lameness conditions were treated and improve the outcome of difficult injuries like proximal suspensory desmitis.

With an increase in cases with well-defined deep seated injuries it seemed necessary to acquire a higher energy focused shock wave device to adequately treat these lesions. So New England Equine purchased a DUOLITH VET device. The results have been fantastic and we feel like we can truly get to these lesions now and effectively treat them. With the high energy and deep penetration of the DUOLITH VET, we feel confident that we can reach these lesions deep within the foot and even into the sacroiliac region.


  • DUOLITH VET is a safe and highly effective shock wave treatment for a variety of lameness conditions in the horse.
  • With the high energy and deep penetration of the DUOLITH VET, lesions deep within the foot and even into the sacroiliac region can be reached.
  • DUOLITH VET is quieter and better tolerated than other high energy devices on the market!

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The Equine Veterinarian July/August 2012:

Equine Shock Wave Therapy: Worth Another Look

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Recent findings in ESWT demonstrate that shock waves facilitate tissue regeneration and antibacterial effects. The body’s own healing processes are activated by acoustic biomechanical hyper-stimulation when electromagnetic and/or pneumatically-generated shock waves are applied to the target areas. New indications that benefit from shock wave therapy are continuously being discovered.

Oklahoma State University: Wave of the Future

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