A Rewarding Investment


By Gerhard Kinas, FOCUS-IT LLC

Many equine veterinarians agree that shock wave is a very effective way to treat many conditions, but rather than owning a shock wave unit, they just refer out those cases.

While that seems like a sound business decision at first glance, upon further investigation, it may actually represent significant lost income.

When I ask equine vets all over the country how many horses with musculoskeletal issues or pain –back, neck, shoulder, foot, leg, hip, etc. — the practice sees per week, the usual estimate is between 8 and 10 — in other words an average of 9.

Nine horses a week that could benefit from ESWT veterinary shockwave therapy translates to 36 horses per month or 432 horses per year.

At an average charge of $75.00 per shockwave session, for an average of 4 treatments per horse, that’s a missed income opportunity of $129,600 per year, or $10,800 per month.

While there are certainly some very expensive veterinary shockwave machines on the market, and many that require a lot of maintenance or frequent electrode replacement, the entry-level Storz Medical MP50 shockwave unit can be purchased for around $500 per month (lease programs and pre-owned equipment are even less).

Simple math tells us that income of $10,800 per month less an equipment cost of $500 per month, nets an equine veterinary practice approximately $10,300 per month or $103,000 per year.

By any calculation, analysis or projection, that’s an excellent investment.

The Storz MasterPuls MP50 is the most lightweight, compact and economical shock wave unit on the market.  Self-contained with a built-in compressor, the unit is easily affordable, user-friendly, and easily portable.  Treatment sessions are quick, non-invasive, safe and very effective.  The MP50 shockwave unit is cost effective to own, cost effective to run and very low maintenance — providing over 1 million shocks per hand piece before replacement is required.

It’s an investment you really can’t afford to ignore.

Your clients will appreciate this excellent and affordable treatment option and your practice will appreciate its significant contribution to your bottom line.

 Applications of Equine ESWT

The Uses for Equine Shock Wave Treatment are many and include: Chronic pain; muscle, tendon and ligament injuries; suspensory issues – proximal hind and fore limb suspensories;  foot and heel problems including distal DDFTs( deep digital flexor tendons), digital nerve issues and impar ligament problems; sacroiliac desmitis; chronic back pain; wound care and painful scar tissue; insertional desmopathies; tendonopathies; connective tissue problems; stress fractures, split bone fractures, non-unions, non-healing fractures; bucked shins, cannon bone and coffin bone injuries; lame horses; foundered horses; osteoarthritis; ALD (Angular Limb Deformities) in foals; and Cosmetic applications such as back and neck contouring, fetlocks, enlarged ankles, osselets, chronic ankles, capped hocks, curb (Tarsal Plantar Ligament Desmitis) and physitis.

The Uses and Benefits of ESWT equine shockwave are many and the advantages to your patients and your practice are significant. The return on your investment in a veterinary shock wave unit will prove that either leasing or owning a shockwave equipment — rather than referring shockwave clients out — will be one of the best investments you can make.

To learn more about the financial aspects of shockwave equipment leasing or ownership, and/or to explore pricing and financing options, please call us today.

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