Shock waves get equine athletes into shape for top performance!

An increasing number of veterinarians are incorporating radial shock wave therapy into their regular practice with great success.

In its December 2011 issue, the renowned »Pferdesport Journal« reported about Christel Auer, a human physiotherapist and FN-approved equine physiotherapist who specialises on ESWT-based therapy options to maintain the structural and functional balance of equine athletes. Auer uses the MASTERPULS® MP100 VET system from STORZ MEDICAL for radial shock wave application (RSWT) and has been able to achieve high success rates with this approach.

[issuu viewMode=singlePage width=300 height=425 printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120905205806-b55a24b86564479f830696bd5e9ee360 name=shockwave_therapy_in_equestrian_sports_auer_2011 username=gkinas tag=auer unit=px v=2]

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