Cosmetic Applications for Horses

Cosmetic Applications for Shockwave Therapy for Sport Horses, Show Horses, Racing Horses and Thoroughbreds

In addition to the many therapeutic and analgesic uses for shockwave therapy for muscle, ligament, tendon, bone and joint conditions in horses, we’re receiving feedback from veterinary practitioners about the great results they’re getting using ESWT for cosmetic applications in these areas:

  • Fetlocks – Enlarged Ankles – Veterinarians are reporting some impressive results using shockwave for osselets cases with chronic inflammation of the fetlock joints including enlargement of the joint capsule and the collateral ligaments. Cases of chronic ankles are not uncommon in 2-year old racehorses.  These swollen, distended ankles are not only unsightly, but their stiffness can limit flexion and mobility to the degree that there is no range of motion. ESWT shockwave users are reporting significant reduction in ankle swelling and stiffness using routine sessions of three shockwave treatments every week or two.
  • Capped Hocks and Curb (Tarsal Plantar Ligament Desmitis)  This common inflammation of the hock, which can run all the way down the back of the hock to the curb area creates an unsightly rounded hock.  A chronic enlargement can harden almost to the firmness of bone. When treated with ESWT shock wave therapy, the inflammation is reduced with no side effects and no reoccurrence.  According to one experienced veterinarian, “Shockwave therapy is unique in its capability to reduce firm, hard capped hocks, providing dramatic improvement and results.”
  • Physitis – This enlargement of the growth plates at the end of the long bones is cosmetically unattractive and can significantly impact the value of a horse.  ESWT shockwave therapy will take down those unsightly lumps with just a few sessions.  One shock wave client recently told us the story of a 2-year-old confirmation colt that simply wasn’t going to sell due to physitis.  The veterinarian used shockwave therapy to take down the unappealing growths around the knees and the horse then sold for a “huge” price.
  • Split Bone Fractures – most practitioners know about the benefits of shockwave therapy for split bone fractures, but some of our customers are reporting using shock wave to enhance the healing time of non-unions in the front limbs (after the acute stage), and seeing significant benefit from a standard series of ESWT shockwave sessions.

Whether your area of concern is ankles, knees, curb, physitis or bones, shockwave can help.  For more information about treating horses with ESWT shock wave therapy, please call us today.

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