First-Class Modular System

The pioneering modularity of the DUOLITH ULTRA ideally combines treatments, diagnostic information and navigation.

We simply call that: Connected Technologies

With the new DUOLITH® ULTRA, innovative ideas merge with the most advanced technologies and progressive design without losing sight of tradition.


  • STORZ MEDICAL Top View display: All relevant information available via touch screen
  • Treatment control in your hand: Radial shock wave with innovative hand piece display and »Skin Touch« ON/OFF sensor
  • Quality which pays off: Focused shock wave with constant and reliable high energy dynamic, ergonomically optimized focal zone with deep penetration
  • Diagnostics you desire: Integrated ultrasound imaging, black & white or color doppler
with unique hand piece operation

Level 1:
R-SW Module with unique hand piece operation

    • Progressive design
    • Innovative display on top of hand piece
    • Integrated pressure & frequency selection
    • Skin Touch ON/OFF sensor
    • Optional: Visual control of application pressure
    • Optional: Noise Absorption
    • Optional: Vibration Therapy V-ACTOR®: 1 – 35 Hz

with integrated ultrasound imaging

Level 2:
R-SW + Control Module (+ US) with integrated ultrasound imaging

    • Top View display with touch screen
    • Central unit for controlling and monitoring of all modules
    • Easy to use, all treatment parameters in the field of vision
    • Integrated patient management
    • Intuitive selectable treatment guides
    • Optional: Ultrasound diagnostic black & white or color doppler


Level 3:
R-SW + Control + F-SW Module (+ US) with reliable electromagnetic cylinder sourcewith reliable electromagnetic cylinder source

    • For treatments in near-suface and deep sited areas of the body
    • Ergonomically optimized focal zone
    • Constant high energy dynamics
    • Optional: Noise Absorption
    • Optional: Ultrasound diagnostic b/w or color doppler


For more information about the DUOLITH ULTRA, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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