Treatment Suggestions – Triggerpoints

The application of the D-ACTOR® Technology to diagnose and localize trigger points represents a new highly efficiant therapy approach.

  • Set frequency at 11 and bar level on 1 for 20+shocks, then move to 1.6 bar for 20+ shocks then to 2.0 bar
  • Move in slow 4” circles from withers to the point of the hip next to the spine. If you find a sensitive area, stop and slowly turn up to 3 bar and turn frequency down to 8. Move the handpiece in small 1” circles over the area until it stops reacting. Turn down to 2 bar and continue to look for trigger points. Treat them as above when you find them
  • Repeat for the neck but use 2” circle
  • If doing the foot, look for trigger points in the muscles in the back of the leg from the elbow to the knee
  • If doing biceps apparatus, look for trigger points in the biceps muscles and in the muscles down the front of the leg to the knee
  • Look in the shoulder muscles as well. Only turn up to 2.4 bar here due to the amount of intramuscular tendons

Dr. Diane Isbell, DVM, Livermore, CA

Thank you to Dr. Diane Isbell, DVM for these treatment suggestions for trigger points using the D-ACTOR I Titanium tip.

For more information about the D-ACTOR, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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