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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT therapy) has been shown to provide successful relief of acute and chronic pain and improvement of chronic disorders in horses as well as in other animals and humans. Equine shockwave therapy has delivered outstanding results in restoring painless mobility, stimulating bone growth and regenerating tissues in all kinds of horses, from Thoroughbreds and racehorses to Western pleasure horses, barrel racers, dressage and hunter jumpers.  So many equine conditions benefit from extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

Click here to learn about The Uses and Applications Of Equine Shockwave Therapy.  ESWT therapy is producing excellent results for a wide variety of horse conditions and injuries including acute or chronic situations with bones, joints, wounds, backs, hooves and more.  We invite you to read these Shockwave Therapy Testimonials and Case Studies of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy with Horses submitted on the topic of ESWT therapy by equine veterinarians throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Click here to learn more about The Benefits Of Veterinary Shockwave Therapy over other common treatments.  The benefits of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for horses include: analgesic and therapeutic results, no side effects, no sedation required, dramatically quicker recovery times, and shorter treatment periods. Many models of our Shockwave Therapy Equipment are easily portable to barn, race track or show ring.  ESWT therapy has the added benefit of very low treatment costs and a fast return on investment.

A Brief Overview Of Equine Shockwave Therapy

There are basically two main types of extracorporeal shock wave therapy: radial shockwave therapy and focused shockwave therapy. In a nutshell, Radial ESWT therapy radiates over a larger area and Focused ESWT therapy is more concentrated and goes deeper Click here to learn about Shockwave Technologies and What Are Shockwaves, with links to information about radial and focused shockwaves and how they compare to each other, as well as how ESWT therapy differs from lasers and ultrasound.  You can also learn How Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Works. While the mechanisms of ESWT therapy and how it heals are still being uncovered, this page helps explain the process by which scientists think shockwave therapy works.  

Our extensive FAQs for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy answer both general and very specific questions about ESWT therapy, and this site also provides a News & Publications Section with articles, research, abstracts and publications about shockwave therapy for horses.

If you are interested in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Equipment, FOCUS-IT offers both new and used ESWT therapy machines for veterinary and equine use.  Our extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment is manufactured by STORZ MEDICAL, based in Switzerland, which we believe is brand of shockwave therapy equipment on the market.

Please feel free to contact us or call us today (770-612-8245) for more information about shockwave therapy or veterinary extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment.  We welcome your calls and questions about Equine Shockwave Therapy, ESWT therapy for companion animals, or any questions about extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment and supplies.


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